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4 simple reasons to ski Auvergne, with its wide range of winter sports

If you're still not sure, here are a few good reasons for you to choose Auvergne for your holiday this winter.
Why not make your winter holiday simpler? Come and enjoy the good life in Auvergne, where things are easy on the wallet and where you can soak up the pleasures of a really trouble-free and revitalising time. A winter holiday in Auvergne comes stress-free!

Lac Pavin and Super-Besse
Lac Pavin and Super-Besse

Reason no. 1 to ski Auvergne: Auvergne is very accessible

Away from the traffic jams, just 4 hours away from 80% of French homes, in the heart of France and its road network (A71 to Paris, A72 to Lyon, A75 to Montpellier, A89 to Bordeaux). Access to resorts: maximum of 1 to 1½ hours from Clermont Ferrand.
• 2 to 2½ hours from Lyon
• 4½ to 5 hours from Paris
Opting for Auvergne means not following the herd (or perhaps only the local Salers breed!). A shorter journey means less queuing and less tiredness, a calm journey and a less costly holiday.


Reason no. 2 to ski Auvergne: the purity of Auvergne and the quality of its wilderness

• a wonderful natural heritage, with forests, mountains, rivers, river sources and more
2 regional nature reserves: the Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne and the Parc du Livradois Forez
• France’s highest volcano, Le Puy de Sancy, which reaches a height of 1,886 metres, is wonderful for walking
• 109 natural mineral water springs, well-known for their beneficial properties (Volvic, Chateldon Vichy, Arvie etc.)
• Preserved Nordic skiing areas ("4 Nordiques" accredited) for unforgettable wilderness walks

Opting for Auvergne means characteristic and authentic winter holidays, within a preserved and refreshing natural environment.

The kids will love it!
The kids will love it!

Reason no. 3 to ski Auvergne: the fresh Auvergne air costs nothing and the produce here is simple and good, meaning quality comes at a reasonable price

• less expensive ski passes
• special family rates in peaceful and varied accommodation
• last minute offers every week
Opting for Auvergne is the smart choice for unlimited winter sports.


Reason no. 4 to ski Auvergne: activities for more lasting memories

Alpine skiing in complete freedom on a white volcano
fishing expeditions to a frozen lake
balneo treatments in a Belle Époque atmosphere
• the variety of new winter sports activities away from the crowds
Opting for Auvergne means total simplicity and totally authentic winter sports.


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