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A mid-winter wellness break

Winter is the perfect time to take a relaxing break, dividing your time between the clean mountain air and body treatments.

With its famous mineral water springs (Vichy, Saint-Yorre, Laqueuille etc.), which have been reputed for their beneficial properties for centuries, and its 11 thermal spas, Auvergne will help you get into good shape.

Are you looking to escape your hectic day-to-day life and take a little time off for your body’s sake? Then the solution may be to get away for a few days or for a pleasure-filled and relaxing holiday in the open air. Make use of the thermal spa to regain some drive and vitality.


Wellbeing in Auvergne
Wellbeing in Auvergne

All the benefits of the mountainside

Perfectly positioned close to the ski trails, Auvergne’s thermal spas are an opportunity to combine relaxation and energy. Various packages include ski passes and snowshoeing, as well as accommodation and treatments. So you can fully enjoy the relaxing effect of the spas and spa showers after an invigorating outing in the countryside.


There’s nothing like the fresh mountain air to forget about pollution. Exercise in these conditions does your body some good straight away. The water and air of the mountains of Auvergne comprise a fully natural treatment for you. Ideal to recharge your batteries and get your body back in harmony with itself.

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