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Accomodation labels

Discover the different accommodation labels of France and the Auvergne - to help you find a quality hotel, campsite, gîte or bed and breakfast.

Qualité Tourisme

Introduced by the Minister of State for Tourism, this label is a guarantee of quality comfort, reception, service, cleanliness as well as care in providing a local experience.


Les Logis

Logis de France is a network of independent hotel-restaurants acknowledged and appreciated for their values of tradition, conviviality and quality. Ambassadors of their regions, Logis hotels make an ideal base for exploring Auvergne in a family friendly atmosphere. The hotels and restaurants offer a subtle blend of tradition and modernity.


Gîtes de France

The gîte rural is a self-catering cottage or separate lodging, usually inside a traditional house, with the "Gîte de France" rating and label. The label guarantees a warm welcome (usually by the owner), a friendly atmosphere and a peaceful setting. The number of ears of corn indicates the level of comfort and services.



Clévacances is a label bestowed upon quality tourist accommodation in towns as well as in the countryside, mountains or at the sea. In the Auvergne discover a range of Clévacances products: quality furnished accommodation (houses, chalets, flats, etc.), offbeat lodgings or simply guest houses. With ratings of one to four keys, Clévacances guest houses offer comfortable lodgings, careful, personalised decoration, a warm, friendly welcome and when available, home-cooked meals to taste local flavours.


Camping Qualité

At "Camping Qualité" campsites, expect a warm welcome, impeccable cleanliness and a well-kept private location. At a 1, 2, 3 or 4-star campsite, you can rent a fully fitted lodging or bring your own. Choose an outdoor weekend or holiday!


Qualité Auvergne

The label of quality in the Auvergne. This network of hotels, restaurants and inns is thoroughly committed to quality. Whatever the kind of lodging, all these accommodation puts guests and their expectations, comfort and well-being at the heart of their daily concerns. Discover many addresses in Auvergne of certified accommodation for an overnight gourmet stay or a peaceful holiday.


"Les Toques d'Auvergne" restaurants

Whether it is showcasing its local specialities or gourmet dishes, Auvergne cuisine is all about the quality of its many products: charcuterie, PDO meat, fish, PDO cheese, local fruit, etc. These establishments offer a more contemporary approach to auvergnate cuisine where imaginative new combinations which are the fruit of experience, creativity and youth. In these establishments, the chefs are referred to as "Toques d’Auvergne" (the toque is the French word for a chef’s hat).


Bienvenue à la Ferme

Meet farmers from the Bienvenue à la Ferme network while on holiday. Enjoy their home-grown products, have a snack or dine at a farmhouse restaurant. Stay in their guest rooms, self-catering cottages and campsites. Share life on the farm and its activities at teaching and discovery farms. Welcome to the farm, experience the countryside close up!


Rando Accueil

The "Rando Accueil" label groups together four kinds of accommodation specialising in welcoming hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts: Rando Gîte, Rando Plume, Rand'Hôtel and Rando Toile. They are located in the heart of hiking networks or near tourist sites or activities. More than just places to stay, they are destinations in their own right to explore an area and also offer services geared towards activities (luggage transfer, equipment booking).


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