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The Auvergne's landscape viewed from the sky! Go airborne, try unusual leisure activities

The Auvergne offers a choice of a wide range of unusual leisure activities such as hot air balloons or helicopters to visit the area, kiting sites to enjoy the sheer beauty of flight, not to mention paragliding, hang gliding and parachuting for the pleasure of flying and the excitement of practising these ever more accessible sports, guaranteed to transform any holiday into something special and unforgettable.

Hot air balloon ride
Hot air balloon ride

Viewed from the sky, the Auvergne is even more impressive! Requiring no physical effort, an airborne trip in a balloon or helicopter offers a relaxing way to see the Auvergne from up in the air. Flying over well preserved sites and discovering the incredible variety of landscapes and hidden natural attractions is a simple pleasure which can be experienced in the pure air of the Auvergne's skies.


Wondering what sort of flight you should choose?

The choice is a wide one, and available to all under conditions of maximum safety. Here, you’ll be as free as a bird, enjoying all the benefits of total freedom in a protected natural area. For your airborne sports, the changing terrain offers numerous takeoff points with spectacular views. The gentle mountains and rounded volcanoes are excellent launch points for your paragliding or hang gliding activities. The region's plateaus and plains provide superb conditions for gliders and microlight aircraft not forgetting all the fun of kiting.


Paragliding near the Puy Mary

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Paragliding near the Puy Mary

In each of the region’s counties or départements - the Allier, the Haute Loire, the Cantal or the Puy-de-Dôme - the Auvergne provides opportunities for non-motorised flight in all its forms including paragliding, hang gliding, microlight aircraft and parachuting and other of unusual leisure activities.
As sites unique of their kind in France, the Puy de Dôme’s peaks include changes in relief ranging from 400 to 500 m allowing for flights in all directions over an astoundingly beautiful landscape. Whether flying alone or as a twosome, you can take off from numerous launch sites around the region.
The town of Ambert is home to the Puy-de-Dôme microlight school from where you can take off to enjoy the relaxing views over the high pastures of the Béal Pass, the Pradeaux dam and the Dore valley.


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