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Alpine snow sports in Auvergne with Arnaud Malbos

Arnaud Malbos is an instructor with the French Ski School in the ski resort of Le Lioran. From December through to the Easter holidays, he provides classes for adults and children keen to discover all the fun of snow sports in the Auvergne's hills. At Le Lioran, Le Mont-Dore or Super-Besse, skiing in the Auvergne offers many unique features. Here, Arnaud introduces us to a selection of them.

Arnaud Malbos - Ski instructor
Arnaud Malbos - Ski instructor

Family skiing holidays

"The Auvergne’s ski resorts are renowned for being particularly family-friendly. Moderately sized, they offer a lively and intimate setting for guests. The calm evenings provide an opportunity for children and parents to enjoy a well-deserved meal after a day spent racing down the slopes. Special facilities have been introduced for our youngest guests including sledges, day nurseries and play areas, etc.
The Auvergne is also a land of vales and hollows, enabling skiers of all abilities to have a great time. You can ski through the fir tree woods and on a huge variety of small slopes. The large number of red-level slopes is your guarantee of an exciting time. The Auvergne’s resorts are neither too large nor too small. Here, everything you want is nearby".


The 3 main skiing areas in the Auvergne

"Super-Besse, Le Lioran and Mont-Dore cater for the same market segment, i.e. families. The Mont-Dore resort also attracts another type of enthusiast: those with a preference for couloir skiing and frozen waterfalls.


The Lioran Ski Resort in Cantal
The Lioran Ski Resort in Cantal
The resort of Le Lioran is directly accessible by train, explaining the large number of skiers travelling here from neighbouring regions while Super-Besse benefits from the close proximity of the A 75 motorway."


More than just skiing holidays

"Descentes aux flambeaux (torchlit downhill ski processions at night) are organised each week, as are festivities for holidaymakers and local people. These include the Snowshoe Festival, the Mountain Festival or other festivities around Christmas time. After a hard day's skiing, the Auvergne invites you to discover its delicious local produce and recipes including truffade, aligot, lentils, sausages or potée auvergnate (Auvergne hotpot)".


Arnaud Malbos

Skiing instructor at the ESF (French Ski School)

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