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Amazing greens, in incredible natural settings for golf in Auvergne

Tee-off in Auvergne! With 9 and 18-hole courses in unique, preserved settings, there's something for everyone.

Golfing near Vichy

The history of the Auvergne's golf courses began very early on, in Vichy, the famous spa resort which attracted the upper classes from all over Europe. In the early 20th century, members of high society and royal families were frequent visitors to the town and to the greens of the Sporting Club de Vichy. You too can discover this 5,390 m (17,684 ft) par 70 green, laid out along the banks of the River Allier.


Golfing in Auvergne
Golfing in Auvergne

Just a few kilometres from Vichy, in the département (county) of the Allier, the Montpensier golf course features an attractive undulating terrain, laid out in a forest of centuries-old oaks. It is widely considered to be the region's best laid out golf course and includes numerous water obstacles, lakes and streams.


Just like its neighbour, this Auvergne golf course offers a range of services including: club house, restaurant open to all, bar and practice course, etc.


Tee-off at the foot of a volcano

Would you like to experience golfing at the foot of a volcano? Well you can in the Auvergne! The golf course you're looking for is situated at Orcines, near the town of Clermont-Ferrand. And the volcano in front of you is none other than the famous Puy de Dôme, boasting a unique forest and mountain setting making the Golf des Volcans one of France's finest golf courses.


A relaxing golfing holiday

If you're seeking a particularly charming and relaxing atmosphere, then head for the Haute-Loire.
At the Chambon-sur-Lignon golf course, (otherwise known as the Pierre de Lune) you will discover a wooded 5,943 m (19,498 ft) par 72 golf course which blends in marvellously with the mountain environment and offers some incredible viewpoints.

During your holidays in the Auvergne, you can always find a well-known golf course,which is pleased to welcome both beginners and experienced golfers. So why not try golf in Auvergne and improve your skills and rest your mind.



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