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Auvergne modern spa centres: relaxing and fun

In the Auvergne, in central France, two state-of-the-art recreational spa centres offer outstanding settings in which to enjoy all the pleasures of the water. Relax and unwind at Royatonic in Royat (Puy-de-Dôme) and Caleden in Chaudes-Aigues (Cantal).

A generous dose of health and well-being...
A generous dose of health and well-being...

Royatonic in Puy-de-Dôme

Located near the town of Clermont-Ferrand, half indoors and half in the open air, the Royatonic recreational spa centre provides a welcome dose of well-being and fun.

Under its majestic wooden dome, visitors will find a 2,400 m2 (25,833 sq. ft) area in which you can get in shape, relax and generally "recharge your batteries".

Discover the huge thermal water lagoon accompanied by bubble beds, whirlpool baths, gooseneck water jets and a geyser featuring sound and lighting effects. Next, head over to the baths carved out of the volcanic rock. These include the frigidarium (cold bath), caldarium (hot bath) and a perfumed bath. The centre also includes two Turkish baths and a Nordic area with saunas and refreshing showers.


This feast of health and well-being continues outside, where you will find wooden terraces and a pool of more than 210 m2 (2,260 sq. ft) accompanied by bubble beds, geysers and massage spray jets.
Royatonic invites you on a world tour to discover the massages and outstanding treatments in its SanHoa Institute, a magical world in which beauty and serenity are the watchwords.
Guests can enjoy a journey through seven volcanic regions: Africa, India, the United States, Hawaii, Asia, Greece and the Auvergne, each represented by a cabin. The Institute offers both facial and body treatments in addition to a specialised massage in each cabin (Californian in the United States cabin, Hawaiian in the Hawaii cabin, etc.).


Hot water at 82°C (180°F)
Hot water at 82°C (180°F)

Caleden in Cantal

In Chaudes-Aigues, the heat gives you an added burst of vitality.

Located in the Cantal area, Caleden, is a spa complex combining recreational spa activities with spa-fitness treatments. On the roof of this centre, you will find a sauna and a pool with underwater music. The fitness treatments are proposed on a personalised basis or in the form of themed stays lasting between two and six days.

You will almost certainly be surprised by the remarkable architecture surrounding Europe's hottest water (82°C) including fountains, waterfalls, hot steam, bubbling water features, etc. The natural materials used here including wood, stone or the French lauze flagstone all contribute to the High Environmental Quality of this new type of spa centre, unique of its kind in France.


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