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Auvergne: the simplicity of winter holidays with the family

Things are very family-orientated in Auvergne: for traditional winter holidays, there is a huge variety of activities available, with reasonable prices, dedicated and secure facilities, no crowds, more countryside and a warm welcome.

It's great to experience Auvergne during the winter as part of a holiday with the whole family.
We have done our utmost to make your holidays as peaceful as possible by seeking out the best winter leisure activities for everyone.


Luge with the family and great laughs ice climbing
Luge with the family and great laughs ice climbing

Activities just for kids

Your littlest ones will be looked after by the child minding services, and from 4 years old and up can start learning to ski in the Clubs Piou Piou. L'École du Ski Français has lessons available for children of all ages to learn and progress.


And if you enjoy building snowmen and having snowball fights, we have dedicated play areas which are free and unrestricted. They are open for the whole family, as are the luge tracks and various ice skating rinks, providing all sorts of winter fun.


The variety of new winter activities is huge, and includes snowshoeing, dog sledding and cross-country skiing. And there are all sorts of opportunities to explore the preserved Nordic skiing areas, to discover the nature reserves and the secrets of our volcanoes in the pure mountain air.


Le Mont-Dore and La Bourboule are already Famille Plus Montagne accredited, which recognises the quality of services at the lowest possible prices, according to each age group.
Our know-how means we can simplify things for you and ensure you have a wonderful holiday.


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