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Christmas holidays in Auvergne

Looking to spend your Christmas holidays in France this year? Why not visit the Auvergne region in the heart of France! Discover Christmas markets, activities for the whole family, and delicious local specialties, all with the beautiful Auvergne landscape as a backdrop. So pack up the presents and head to Auvergne!

Christmas in Clermont-Ferrand
Christmas in Clermont-Ferrand

Christmas markets in Auvergne

The month of December sees the main squares of Auvergne’s towns fill up with Christmas market chalets. Enjoy a family outing to find a last-minute gift, grab a warm drink or taste one of the many local specialties on offer: truffade or aligot are sure to be on the menu.

Christmas markets are held throughout the region, from the charming villages to the bustling towns.

Be sure to check out the market in Clermont-Ferrand. In addition to a stroll through the market next to the cathedral, take a ride on the giant Ferris wheel for a view of the town and the volcanoes of the Chaîne des Puys.


Nativity scenes in Landogne

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Nativity scenes in Landogne

Christmas in the Combrailles: “Les Crèches du Monde” in Landogne

From mid-December to the beginning of January, the village of Landogne in the Combrailles region exhibits more than 100 nativity scenes from around the world. Each year, thousands of visitors follow the path around the village to see them all, displayed in the windows of houses or workshops, in barns, or in display cases in the streets. The scenes are illuminated each evening until 10:30 p.m., making for a magical and enchanting winter evening.


Charming winter accommodations

Find the perfect place to spend a memorable Christmas in Auvergne. Book a holiday in a bed and breakfast for a romantic stay, or reserve a week for the whole family in a cottage with a kitchen big enough to make a Christmas feast! Be sure to include the many local products in the meal. And if you’d rather have someone else cook Christmas dinner, book a table at one of Auvergne’s traditional restaurants.


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