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Soaking up the sun in the Chaudefour Valley
Soaking up the sun in the Chaudefour Valley

Climate of Auvergne

The weather is always very important during your holidays. Find out the best time of year to come to Auvergne, and what kind of weather you can expect.

The Auvergne region has a continental climate. It shifts between warm summers and wetter winters. In the mountainous areas  of Auvergne,the climate is wetter and colder. However, an area like Clermont-Ferrand is one of the driest and sunniest cities in France.


Clermont-Ferrand and its cathedral
Clermont-Ferrand and its cathedral

The seasons in Auvergne

In some areas of the Auvergne temperatures are influenced by the altitude of the terrain, so no one area will be the same.
For those looking for sunshine and warmth, May, June, July, August and September is the best time to visit the Auvergne.  

However, for those looking for winter holidays and activities such as skiing,  then December, January and February are ideal times as the mountains will be covered by snow.


Below is some information on the climate of Clermont-Ferrand


Average temp Average precipitation Average hours of sunshine

Min Max
Jan -0.1 7.6 26.7 mm 88.9
Feb 0.3 9.2 21.8 mm 108.4
March 2.7 13.1 25.8 mm 161.4
April 4.7 15.7 53.4 mm 173.5
May 8.7 19.9 76.8 mm 197.9
June 11.9 23.4 72.9 mm 225.2
July 14 26.5 54.9 mm 249.2
Aug 13.7 26.1 61.9 mm 234.8
Sept 10.6 22.3 65.6 mm 185.4
Oct 7.9 17.6 49 mm 135.1
Nov 3.3 11.3 39.5 mm 84
Dec 0.8 8 30.6 mm 69.2


Information from Météo France



Tourisme en Auvergne

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