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Cultural heritage in the Auvergne with Colette Mignard

Auvergne invites you to celebrate the memory of its ancestors, including visits certain to delight all history buffs and anyone who enjoys discovering something new. Always on hand with useful tips to help you discover her region, the guide and interpreter Colette Mignard presents some of her favourite attractions in this region shaped by so many different influences.

Colette Mignard - Regional Tourist Guide
Colette Mignard - Regional Tourist Guide

A wealth of religious heritage sites: Romanesque art takes centre stage in the Auvergne

"Romanesque art is all around us in the region. The Auvergne's Romanesque churches are generally well preserved, having suffered very little damage during the wars or the revolution. Among the most noteworthy buildings we should mention Notre-Dame-du-Port in Clermont-Ferrand, Saint-Nectaire or the basilica of Notre-Dame in Orcival and Saint-Julien in Brioude.
The Santiago de Compostela pilgrim trail is another well-known feature of the Auvergne’s rich history. In 951, Godescalc, the Bishop of Le Puy, was the first pilgrim to travel to Compostela, leading the way for many other believers. Heading up Rue des Tables towards the Cathedral of Puy-en-Velay is a truly magical moment."


Château de Cordes
Château de Cordes

The Auvergne's castles: living witnesses of a turbulent history

"With their impressive size, who could fail to be impressed by the Auvergne's many castles. Mostly inhabited, they stand as living witnesses of the region’s historical, artistic and architectural heritage. Some of them, such as the Château de Murol for example, propose organised visits while others offer B&B accommodation.
Visit the Castle of La Palisse, or those of Anjony or Pesteils, Polignac, Busséol or Cordès… in the Auvergne, your discovery of the mediaeval world simply never ends!"


Villages included on the list of "France's Finest Villages"

"The Auvergne includes 9 villages possessing "Plus beaux Villages de France" status (France's Finest Villages). Experience the charm of these remarkable sites as you admire their well preserved architectural heritage. Located in outstanding natural settings, these Auvergnat villages are certain to delight anyone keen to enjoy a romantic break".


Colette Mignard

Regional Tourist Guide

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