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Discover Auvergne in a classic car

ClassicArverne is a travel agency specialised in creating circuits for tourists to discover the Auvergne region by car – your own, or behind the wheel of a classic convertible rented from the agency.

Treat yourself to a day or a weekend in a 1968 Ford Mustand or a 1962 Triumph TR4 for a journey discovering the unique and magnificent Auvergne landscapes. Happiness is just a turn of a key away!

TR4 : an unforgettable holiday
TR4 : an unforgettable holiday

ClassicArverne offers day roadbooks beginning at 20€, and various themed holidays from 520€ (2 people, 2 days / 1 night with full board): golf, gastronomy, well-being, helicopter rides, and discovering the volcanoes or the “Tuscany of Auvergne”.

Choose from one of our existing holidays, or contact us for a tailor made trip adapting to your wants and needs. We strive to make sure your holiday in a convertible is filled with enjoyment and new sensations!


An example of the cars we offer:

- Rental of a 1956 MGA, 1962 Triumph TR4, or 1968 Mustang: from 130€ half day / 300€ full day

- Rental of a 1991 Alfa Romeo or a 1996 Mazda MX5: from 100€ half day / 220€ full day.


After a few minutes behind the wheel, you’ll feel like you’re driving your own car, worry-free, ready to take advantage of the lovely back roads of Auvergne, taking you to improbable destinations.


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