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Explore Auvergne in the company of a guide

If you are looking to enjoy hiking with maximum peace of mind, while at the same time discovering a fragile and unexpected natural environment, take a local guide along with you and enjoy Auvergne hiking.

Not only will he (or she) make your trip easier where logistical and safety issues are concerned, but he will also contribute useful advice and knowledge adapted to your needs.


2:20 PM: a moment of pleasure shared among friends
2:20 PM: a moment of pleasure shared among friends

Get the full Auvergne experience

Though visually very expressive, the rounded volcanoes and gentle landscapes cannot explain the composition of the local terrain, its geological origins and nature, or the origins of the springs and the manner in which these have changed over time. According to your interests, due to the sheer variety and diversity of choices available to you, you may find it difficult to choose the trail best suited to your needs unless someone is on hand to advise you.

Your guide will work with you to assemble your own, "made-to-measure" Auvergne hiking trip this will suit all levels of hikers, whether beginner or professionals.


This all-round naturalist possessing in-depth knowledge in highly specific fields (including botany, geology and history, etc) is guaranteed to surprise you. As a group or as a family, hiking Auvergne with a guide provides an opportunity to fully submerge yourself in the area’s authentic natural heritage


Find a hiking guide in the Auvergne


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