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''Famille plus montagne''

Because of the amount of care they have put into the quality of the facilities devoted to children and their families, the resorts of Le Mont-Dore and Super-Besse have been “Famille Plus Montagne” accredited.

Introduced by the French Tourism Ministry, this national certification is part of the Qualité Tourisme plan. Resorts given the award commit to welcoming families on a personal basis, providing all children with entertainment and activities they can enjoy with their families or individually, establishing a price list which is adapted according to age groups, providing medical facilities and ensuring children are looked after properly by resort professionals.


When children come first

With the "Famille Plus Montagne" accreditation, resorts commit more specifically to looking after children aged 3 and over, providing winter activities and events (magazines, games etc.) and reserving areas especially for them (baby-changing tables, games areas etc.), and keeping families informed etc.


The Le Sancy resorts have extended their range of activities by setting up snow fun areas in Super-Besse and Le Mont-Dore. These areas are specially reserved for children and families and are dedicated to snow, games and winter sports. The restaurateurs and service providers have also joined this process, and offer specially-adapted prices and activities.


The ESF provides activities for the littlest children
The ESF provides activities for the littlest ...

Specifically, at the Super-Besse resort, children aged from 3 months to 6 years are welcomed at the day nursery, then at the Besse leisure centre for children aged between 3 and 12. At Le Mont-Dore, there is a small crèche for children aged 3 months to 4 years, while the leisure centre caters for children aged 3 to 12. And when it comes to skiing, they start learning at the day nursery or at the leisure centre for children over the age of 3, alongside the ESF (French ski school).


And as for Tibou, the "Famille Plus Montagne" mascot, he'll be around a lot when the little visitors are there. He'll be around in various guises in the resort streets and on the ski trails and will invite children to come and be mushers for a short time. Tibou has lost a friend during a snowshoe outing. Can you find him? A few laughs and surprises in store!


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