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Family activities in the Auvergne with
Gilles Terrier

Gilles Terrier, a discovery class guide, presents the Auvergne, a giant playground ideal for sports activities and for discovering the local cultural heritage.

Gilles Terrier - Discovery class guide
Gilles Terrier - Discovery class guide

Sports and educational activities

"Auvergne is literally a giant, life-sized playground for children. Here, they can combine all kinds of sports activities with the chance to discover the area's natural heritage. The range of activities is almost limitless! The huge variety of terrains and climates in Auvergne makes it possible to practice a vast range of leisure activities unparalleled of its kind in France, including hiking, tree climbing, trappers’ camps, climbing, rafting, canoeing and archery, to name a few".


A generous natural environment

"The Auvergne stands out for the diversity of its landscapes, including lakes, waterfalls, mountains and of course volcanoes, which can be explored on foot, by bicycle or on snowshoes. A never-ending voyage of discovery!
The regional nature parks offer a chance to enjoy sport while also discovering the area’s plants, flowers and trees. As a surprise for younger children, you can arrange to cross a frozen lake such as Lake Guéry. Our highland scenery is perfect for visiting all year round, with plenty to see and do whatever the season.
In winter, snowshoeing offers a chance to discover the wild and amazing snowy landscape. In the summertime, I would recommend that you explore the Le Puys chain by mountain bike. This is a really enjoyable way to see the Auvergne's volcanoes at first hand".


Family holidays in Auvergne
Family holidays in Auvergne

A rich cultural heritage, accessible to all

"Vulcania is definitely a "must-see" site to be visited with children. The Lemptégy ‘open-pit’ volcano is also a very popular attraction.
Discovering the Mystères de Farges (the Farges Mysteries) in St Nectaire is another great "classic". And of course, no visit would be complete without discovering the Auvergne's PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) labelled cheeses."
I can tell you from personal experience that cycling down the Auvergne's volcanoes by mountain bike is a unique sensation, and one which is always popular with the kids!"


Gilles Terrier

Discovery class guide

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