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Family Friendly Auvergne

Come and share in the family heritage of the Auvergne.

The Auvergne region, in the heart of France, is made for all types of families. Each activity here is a source of fulfillment, the air is clear, and the accommodation is great for getting together with those you love.

Family holidays in Auvergne
Family holidays in Auvergne


The Auvergne is easy to get to, yet far from the hustle and bustle...in the center of France, yet preserved. You can get here quickly and then take the time to enjoy yourself.

Life is good in the Auvergne - and family-oriented. You see it in the cuisine, the accommodation, the activities, and the local reception.


The prices are more than reasonable since a good value is a long standing tradition here. The low key lifestyle contrasts with the vast, yet accessible landscapes - a safe playground and learning environment for children.


Family activities

And if ever you still had a doubt, take a look at all the activities the Auvergne has to offer: Vulcania, Le PAL (Amusement Park and Wildlife Park), shows, festivals (Festival of Street Theatre in Aurillac, The Bird King Festival in Le Puy-en-Velay ...)


Families feel right at home here in the Auvergne!


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