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Fishing in the Auvergne with David Frobert

As an Auvergnat by adoption, David Frobert has spent many years fishing the distinctive rivers and streams of the Auvergne. Fond of the region’s landscapes (David is a photographer by profession), each day he never ceases to be amazed by the variety of unusual settings to discover here. The lakes, ponds and canals no longer hold any secrets for him. However, he discovers a new aspect of the Auvergne with every fishing trip.

David Frobert - Fisherman and photographer
David Frobert - Fisherman and photographer

A wild yet peaceful Auvergne

"I really feel at home when I'm fishing in the Auvergne. The abundant vegetation and bright light ensure that our waterways have a peaceful, cosy and intimate feel to them.
The region stands out for the vast variety of fish in its waterways. From trout fishing in the Cantal to the predator fish of the rivers of the Allier; and from the lakes of the Puy-de-Dôme to the Haute-Loire, the area is a genuine paradise for freshwater fishermen.
Some may prefer carp fishing while others are more interested in pike or zander… each fisherman is certain to find the right spot for his favourite sport!


Fishing in the Cantal
Fishing in the Cantal
From rivers offering plenty of sport to the calm of the lakes, fishermen will be spoilt for choice. Without a care in the world they can enjoy well preserved natural ecosystems offering outstanding water of a quality unrivalled by other regions. This marvellously clear water is a real benefit which we have a duty to protect and enhance over the years".


All the freedom to enjoy your sport in perfect harmony with Mother Nature

"Fishing in the Auvergne also provides a chance to discover countless traditional little cafes where you can sample the local cuisine including the Auvergne's well-known cheeses. In my book, there’s no harm in treating yourself now and again."



David Frobert

Fisherman and photographer

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