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Golfing in the Auvergne with Béatrice Martin

Béatrice Martin, an experienced golfer, is fully familiar with the various golf courses, which have been carefully designed to blend in with the unique natural environments found at the Auvergne's 18 greens. She shares her experience of golf in the Auvergne.

Béatrice Martin - League of Auvergne Golf
Béatrice Martin - League of Auvergne Golf

Enjoy a swift 18 holes

"The Auvergne's golf courses stand out for the marvellous natural settings which surround them. These are 9 and 18-hole courses located in magnificent landscapes, occasionally bordering on the volcanoes.
Whether at the foot of the Puy de Dôme or in a spa town like Vichy, golf can be found everywhere throughout the region. In the peaceful setting of the Cantal forests or on the Puy-en-Velay volcanic site, golfers can get the most from some astonishing natural environments.
As a family, among friends or on your own, discover all the pleasure of this friendly open-air sport".


Golfing in the volcanoes
Golfing in the volcanoes

Golfing for beginners and improvers

"The facilities available to golfers here enable them to learn the sport at any age. Training and improvement centres exist where golfers can benefit from tips from real professionals, in private or group classes. The Auvergne has also made a particular effort to encourage golf for the disabled".


Golfing holidays and much more

"Many of the Auvergne's leading heritage sites are located near golf courses. For those who enjoy culture, sport, gastronomy, health or fitness, the Auvergne's golfers are simply spoiled for choice! They can also meet fellow enthusiasts at the clubhouses at each green: the 19th hole is always the easiest!"


Beatrice Martin

Communications Officer of the League of Auvergne Golf

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