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Health and well-being in the Auvergne with Stéphane Huin

Water is a vital aspect of the Auvergne's heritage. To be found wherever you look, it is also the source of the rapid growth of "health and well-being" themed tourism. Be sure to get the most from it during your stay in France!

The spa towns of the Auvergne are home to well-known spa centres and health and fitness facilities. Thanks to the quality of its water and its picturesque settings, the Auvergne is a leading region for spa treatments in France.
Stéphane Huin is product manager for the Route des Villes d'Eaux (the "Spa Towns Trail"). He knows just about everything there is to know about the numerous benefits offered by the Auvergne's spa resorts, of which Vichy remains a showcase.

Wellness in Auvergne
Wellness in Auvergne

A rich and varied range of spa treatments

"The Auvergne is fortunate to contain no fewer than 10 spa towns. The spa treatments are suited to the needs of all guests, ranging from week-long stays down to half-day sessions.
With its showers, wraps and modelling, the Auvergne offers a comprehensive range of services to meet even the most demanding visitors. Including spas, saunas, Turkish baths and mud baths, you are free to choose your own tailored treatment programme!
The prices are also very affordable. There are no stuffy or exclusive establishments here. The water is of a very high quality, offering essential benefits such as hot water for the treatment of rheumatism. With a wide choice in terms of balneotherapy and thermoludisme (recreational spa activities), the Auvergne is the perfect place to get back in shape".


Stéphane Huin - Product Manager
Stéphane Huin - Product Manager

Royatonic and Caleden: showcases of health and well-being in the Auvergne

Over recent years, the Auvergne has added top of the range, modern infrastructure.

Royatonic is a "thermoludique" centre (a recreational spa facility devoted to health and well-being) located near Clermont-Ferrand. With its thermal baths, massage sprays and Jacuzzis, Royatonic is strongly committed to guaranteeing the pleasure and well-being of its guests.
The Caleden spa and "thermoludique" centre situated in the Cantal is another valuable source of well-being, in the heart of the Auvergne. Fitness and relaxation await you!


A healthy body and a healthy mind

"The Auvergne is the ideal region in which to relax and recharge your batteries, and not only because of its spa resorts. Our waters are of a high quality and a rare purity. The Auvergne’s landscapes are dotted with water features. Wherever you are, you're never far from a lake, a waterfall, a pond or a stream, all sources of health and well-being out in the open air!"


Stéphane Huin

"Routes des Villes d'Eaux" Product Manager,

Auvergne Thermale

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