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Hiking and trekking in the Auvergne with Alain Pons

With its varied terrain and breathtaking views, the Auvergne is a paradise for hikers. Alain Pons is well-placed to appreciate this. As a mountain guide, he enjoys helping visitors to discover the area’s natural attractions and the mountain environment. An experienced professional, he ensures safety for his guests while at the same time passing on environmental information and ideas. Alain will be more than happy to introduce some of the many features which make the Auvergne a truly unique region to anyone fond of hiking.

Alain Pons - hiking guide and photographer
Alain Pons - hiking guide and photographer

Hiking for all in Auvergne!

"The sheer diversity and variety of hiking trails ensure that everyone can find what they're looking for. You can even go for a hike as a family, and take your pushchairs along the trails. Clear trail markings, guides and landscape information are all hand to help you find your way around. 
More experienced walkers can opt for 'sportier' and more demanding trails, which they can walk unaided or guided by one of the highland guides".


Hiking in the Sancy Mountains
Hiking in the Sancy Mountains

Combining hiking with other activities

"Newcomers enjoy combining hiking with other activities available in the Auvergne including admiring the local fauna and flora or enjoying the regional cuisine! They can also take advantage of hikes specially designed to discover the fascinating world of volcanoes, mountain life and the area's many lakes.
The quality labels make it easy to identify comfortable accommodation, well-suited to the hikers' requirements".


Alain Pons

Hiking guide and photographer

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