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La Chaise-Dieu Festival: music in the heart of the Haute-Loire

La Chaise-Dieu

18-28 August 2018

La Chaise-Dieu Festival
La Chaise-Dieu Festival

Every year, La Chaise-Dieu music festival in the Haute-Loire attracts music lovers and sacred music aficionados to the Auvergne. Experience the amazing acoustics of St. Robert Abbey in La Chaise-Dieu, an architectural gem of the 14th century, for a concert, an evening or an extended visit.


One of France’s major classical music events, this festival resonates with history and attracts about 25,000 spectators a year. They come together to enjoy an impressive cocktail of repertoires performed by orchestras from all over the world in the religious monuments of the Haute-Loire, which are blessed with outstanding acoustics.


In the programme

Over 40 concerts in dozens of venues in the Haute-Loire and the Puy-de-Dôme. Many free events are also available: grand organ recitals in La Chaise-Dieu, lectures, morning and afternoon serenades.

A festival that resonates in Auvergne

Let the music resonate with history and take time to explore the sacred heritage of the Haute-Loire: the historic site of Le Puy-en-Velay, its UNESCO world heritage cathedral site and its chapel perched upon a volcanic rock. On the occasion of a concert given at the St. George collegiate church of St. Paulien, explore the nearby town of Brioude and its breathtaking St. Julien basilica adorned with contemporary stained-glass windows.


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