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Journey to the heart of Lemptégy’s lava flows
Journey to the heart of Lemptégy’s lava flows

Le volcan de Lemptégy and its volcanic mysteries

Situated in the heart of the Chaîne des Puys, the Lemptégy volcano invites you to a unique exploration of the inside of a totally natural volcano, with volcanic bombs, vents and more. In Lemptégy, we don't artificially recreate the mysteries of a volcano: we get right to the core.

Discover the secrets of volcanology with an interactive visit alongside a knowledgeable guide.

The 3-hour visit is in 3 parts:


- A dynamic film called "Aux origines" (Back to the beginnings"). Punctuated by 4D effects, experience the destiny of the Lemptégy volcano and its "neighbours" from their eruptions up to the present day. A marvellous aerial journey awaits you!


Visit the volcano with a scientific guide
Visit the volcano with a scientific guide

- Exploration on foot or by train of the inside of the volcano, so as to understand both its workings and the industrial past of the volcano, for which you will go round among the old mining equipment (trommel, crusher, screening machine, etc.),


- Amusement: "La Mine Explosive" (The Explosive Mine"): experience the power of natural phenomena – thrills guaranteed!


On the spot, taste regional dishes at the Restaurant du Volcan de Lemptégy: sausage/"aligot" (Auvergne potato cheese), salmon with lentils, and much more. Open to the public at midday and to groups in the evening when booked.


Open to the public from the February holidays to the All Saints holidays.

All year round for groups when booked (except the Christmas holidays).

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