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Meet the master cutlery makers of Thiers

Since the 15th century, the medieval town of Thiers in the Auvergne’s Puy-de-Dôme area has been famous for its cutlery industry. The wild torrents of the Durolle originally gave rise to cutlery making in the Auvergne. This mountain river made it possible to introduce the spinning wheels and grinders used to sharpen the knife blades.

Discover the occasionally astonishing heritage left behind by the Auvergne's cutlery makers and meet some of today's craftsmen of Thiers. They will explain the various stages involved in the production of cutlery and knives, a subtle combination of new technology and a commitment to quality and know-how.

The Thiers Knife Museum

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The Thiers Knife Museum

When in Thiers, take advantage of the numerous workshops available to learn more about the cutlery trade and its professions, including those of the grinder, the handle maker, the fitter and the polisher. The craftsmen will be delighted to show you their collections in which antique pieces can be admired alongside more modern designs.


The Cutlery Museum: a tribute to 700 years of cutlery making heritage in Thiers

With its exhibition rooms and artistic cutlery production workshops, the cutlery museum in Thiers is a site unique of its kind in both France and Europe. Located in the centre of the town's medieval district, the museum traces the origins, social history and traditions of these typically auvergnat techniques and skills. Discover an astonishing collection of knives from Thiers and elsewhere, dating from the 16th century to the present day. In the museum's numerous workshops, you can chat with the craftsmen in person, as you learn how knives, daggers and luxury cutlery items are produced.

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