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Mézenc and Meygal, volcanic yet peaceful

On the doorstep of the upper Ardèche and not far from Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc, the massifs of Mézenc and Meygal offer superb views. These mountains promise unique hikes all year round, and the abundance of natural riches and traditional constructions are a treat for the eyes.

Mézenc in Haute-Loire
Mézenc in Haute-Loire

From its height of 1754 metres, Mont Mézenc towers over all the other volcanic slopes of Haute-Loire and Ardèche and is home to an exceptional flora. Its summit offers a simply breathtaking view. In winter, the ski resort of Les Estables, nestled at the foot of Mont Mézenc, is proud of its image as a family resort and is a paradise for cross country skiing and snowshoe trekking.


Not far from Mézenc, the Meygal volcanoes present their strange shapes and landscapes for all to see. The region's oldest volcanoes look a bit like giant molehills, witnesses to the convulsions of the earth some 11 or 12 million years ago. Their heavy black basalt or sonorous phonolite rock gives an unexpected look to the great variety of landscapes that rises up to greet the visitor: this is the 'Pays des Sucs' (the Land of Lava Domes). The immense forests of Meygal are ideal for beautiful walks all year round.


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