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Moulin Richard de Bas paper mill

The Richard de Bas paper mill and museum is located near Ambert in the heart of the Livradois-Forez regional nature park. Discover the magic of paper making in a historical monument, where artisans have been hand-making paper for nearly 700 years. An exceptional place highlighting creation and history!

Moulin Richard de Bas
Moulin Richard de Bas

The mill, restored by Marius Péraudeau in 1941 was the first living museum in France. The paper mill still functions today, with 200 to 300 hand-made pieces of paper made each day, using the traditional artisanal methods of the 15th century.


All different kinds of papers are made depending on the season: white, colored, mottled, floral, or watercolour, made from linen, hemp or cotton. Each type of paper has its own specific use, whether for the restoration of rare books, for fine arts, for invitations or menus, or even lampshades or canvases.


Visiting the Paper Mill

The guided tour begins in the rustic dwelling where the master papermaker of Richard de Bas lived. Next, learn more about the history of paper making, beginning with its invention by the Chinese in the 3rd century BC up until today.


Visiting the paper mill
Visiting the paper mill
Visitors then enter the heart of the mill to see (and try for themselves!) the paper making process: making the paste, screening the fibre in a wooden frame, pressing and drying.


Finally, the boutique offers unique gifts and souvenirs: stationary, drawing paper, notebooks, etc.  After the visit, take the time to visit the gardens, where the flowers are gathered to make the floral paper Richard de Bas is famous for. Then take a walk along the Papermakers Trail that follows the Laga stream to see the mills that are still in place today in the valley (around 2 ½ hours).

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