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Land art in Volvic: 7 monumental sculptures from local artist Thierry Courtadon
Land art in Volvic: 7 monumental sculptures from local artist Thierry Courtadon

Nature and stone unite: sculptures in the volcanoes of Volvic

Following a successful exhibition in Paris, Thierry Courtadon, a sculptor from the town of Volvic, created an installation series in and around his home town, using Volvic lava stone as a medium.

Seven works, in seven different towns, make up this permanent land art exhibition entitled "Conjuger la nature" (Unite with Nature).

7 monumental works

Blocks of volcanic rock overlook the horizon and play with the surrounding landscapes: a waterfall in the middle of the woods, a field at the foot of a volcano, a river, a forest or a garden. The works of Thierry Courtadon can be found along hiking trails or near the natural and cultural sites of the towns around Volvic. The artist named his sculptures with verbs, according to the environment where they are placed: undulate, whisper, assemble... as if the stone takes on a life of its own.


Visiting the works

All the sculptures are accessible by car (parking less than a 10-minute walk from each work), or on foot on one of the many hiking trails of the area. Pick up a hiking guide at the Volvic tourist office.
> Map of the works

Be sure to visit the other sites in the area, including the Volvic information centre and factory visit of the famous mineral water.


The artist and the region

The project is a partnership between the Volvic Sources & Volcans Community Council and the exhibition "A stone in my garden," which was held in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris from September to November 2015. The community council and the artist wanted to bring this exhibition back to nature, far from the museums and workshops, and return the lava stone to its source. Thierry Courtadon both created new sculptures and modified existing works to adapt them to the different landscapes of his roots and share his imagination with visitors.

Contempler (Contemplate)

Chanat-la-Mouteyre, just outside the village

The material draws you in, with a view of nature, the region, a country... An opportunity to contemplate our place with nature.

Parking: near the fire station

45.8308, 3.01966


Rassembler (Assemble)

Volvic, village of Viallard

This giant puzzle above the town of Volvic plays with the horizon, acting as a guide to a celestial dream, bringing together the fragments of the landscape that break off from the sky.

Parking: on the path, just before the sculpture

45.8906, 3.0164

Ressurgir (Reappear)

Châtel-Guyon, thermal park

The lava, lost below the earth will one day reappear and see the light of day, breaking through the wall of imagination...

Parking: behind the casino

45.9189, 3.06121


Compresser (Compress)

Pulvérières, arboretum

A push, a fierce eruption of matter from the depths of the earth, with a sudden feeling of life...

Parking: across from town hall

45.8865, 2.90735

Suspendre (Suspend)

Charbonnières-les-Varennes, Veygoux

Suspended above a waterfall, a liquid curve, both overlooking and breaking the void of the edge, spread out over the length, width and time of the waterfall, extending the dream...

Parking: Manoir de Veygoux

45.9034, 2.98316

Chuchoter (Whisper)

Saint-Ours-les-Roches, locality of Beauregard

At a crossroads of paths, far from the sounds of man, the volcanoes gossip, the landscapes whisper and a thousand silent voices murmur...

Parking: just after entering Beauregard

45.8437, 2.9401

Ondoyer (Undulate)

Sayat, in the Bédat River, near the mills

Writing along the currents, the momentum of the matter giving soft lines and curves that mimic the romantic movement of the waves...

Parking: near the church

45.8274, 3.05146



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