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New snow sports in the Auvergne with Amélie Leclerc

With her keen passion for these new sports Amélie Leclerc simply loves the Auvergne's pistes and snow parks. She enjoys the many special features offered by the region where these new, emerging activities are concerned (including snowkiting, freeriding and speed riding, etc.). Here, she explains what makes the Auvergne so special.

Amélie Leclerc - New snow sports enthusiast
Amélie Leclerc - New snow sports enthusiast

Choosing is the hardest part!

"The Auvergne is fortunate in that its terrain and infrastructure make it possible to enjoy a wide variety of "new snow sports", including snowboarding, freestyle, speed riding, or snowscooting to name but a few (two world champions are from the Auvergne, one for freestyle and the other for downhill!).
The creation of three snowparks, one in each of the Auvergne resorts, has made it possible to develop freestyle here. To enjoy a taste of snow sports in a different setting, why not try freeriding! This can be practised in the Cantal and Sancy ranges.
As a more recent activity, speed riding is a skilful combination of skiing, paragliding and parachuting which is sure to please lovers of these sports! I would also recommend that you sample snowkiting while you're here, a winter sports version of kite surfing. This is quite popular in the Mézenc area of the Haute-Loire".


Snowkite in Super-Besse
Snowkite in Super-Besse

Modestly sized ski resorts with well laid out ski slopes

"Outside the school holiday period, the Auvergne's ski slopes are perfect for learning new snow sports. They are also very easy to access for those looking to enjoy freeriding. What’s more, the Auvergne's snow parks are every bit as good as those to be found in other regions.


Amélie Leclerc

New snow sports enthusiast


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