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Rock climbing and mountaineering in the Auvergne with François Lesca

François Lesca is a high-altitude mountain guide in the Auvergne. With off-piste skiing, ski touring and frozen waterfalls to be enjoyed, he loves these clean and environmentally friendly winter activities. Combining sport with a welcome break from day-to-day life, François presents the Auvergne's undeniable advantages in this area.

Winter climbing in Auvergne
Winter climbing in Auvergne
François Lesca - Mountain guide
François Lesca - Mountain guide

Ski touring and off-piste skiing: a great way to get away!

"Off-piste skiing provides a chance to get away from it all, and to fully enjoy the Auvergne's natural environment. My favourite spots would certainly be the Coulées du Mont-Dore off-piste routes or the corries of the Val d’Enfer and the Val de Courre in the Sancy area".



Frozen waterfalls... for a climb with a difference!

"Climbing frozen waterfalls requires a similar amount of effort as traditional climbing. There are three main spots in the Auvergne: the Val d’Enfer, the Chaudefour Valley and the Puy Mary. It is vital that you should be accompanied by a licensed person from a club or by a professional guide. In the Sancy area we may be in the highlands but the conditions here are more typical of the mountaintop. You can also practice traditional mountaineering in the Auvergne’s hills."


Why choose Auvergne for your winter leisure activities?

"The skiing areas are neither too large nor too small. You can easily access the off-piste couloirs, giving you the opportunity to do more.
In the Auvergne, you'll always end the day feeling pleased with yourself, when you reach the end of your planned route."

François Lesca

Mountain guide


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