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Puy lentils from Haute-Loire
Puy lentils from Haute-Loire

Sample the fruits of Haute-Loire, Auvergne's main products

The generous, indulgent and gastronomic cuisine of Haute-Loire
The recipes and know-how of this authentic cuisine will not fail to win you over with the abundance and wealth of its dishes.

Haute-Loire products

The tables of the Haute-Loire invite you to sample the savoury and sweet flavours of the very special local produce: Le Puy green lentils, Mézenc 'Fin Gras' beef, Monts du Velay and 'Vedelou' veal, Velay black lamb, Haute-Loire pork, 'le Velay' cow's cheese, 'Chabrirou' and other goat's cheeses, 'les Perles Rouges des Monts du Velay' red berries, 'Vellavia' beer, Velay verbena herbal tea or liquor ('Verveine Pagès' or 'Verveine artisanale'), potatoes from Craponne, honey from the mountains and wild flowers of Auvergne, and much more.


Artisous cheese
Artisous cheese

This taste discovery will tell you the story of an Haute-Loire marked by preserved nature, sculpted by mankind, water and fire.

Chefs of Haute-Loire

The region’s Chefs, whose know-how is recognised by numerous guides and culinary networks (Guide Michelin, Logis, Toques d’Auvergne, Maître-Restaurateur, etc.), will give you a warm welcome. They will share with you their passion for their region by introducing you to the fruits of the land, dishes and Auvergne’s main products.


Michelin starred chefs in Haute-Loire:

Régis et Jacques Marcon
Philippe Brun



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