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The Allier, a family destination

In the Allier, there is no shortage of things to do with your children and the whole family will enjoy a visit to the PAL!
The PAL is a one-of-a-kind theme park and is one of the most popular leisure establishments in France. It is both a fun park (roller coasters, water rides, etc.) and an animal park (500 animals living in semi-liberty, animal shows, etc.) and is the perfect place for a family day out.

The PAL, the Auvergne region's leading tourist site

What a unique place! The originality of the PAL theme park, created in 1973 in Dompierre-sur-Besbre, is that it is resolutely family-oriented. The park is located in an extraordinary natural setting of 35 hectares at the heart of Auvergne, offers more than 25 spectacular attractions and is home to over 500 animals from 5 continents, living in semi-liberty in an environment as close to their natural habitat as possible, as well as 3 unforgettable animal shows. The fun park proposes two types of activities: rides for youngsters and adults (the Mine Train, the Sun Disk, the 3D Cinédynamik, the Canadian river ride, the PAL stud farm, the Desert Squadron, On the Trail of King Kong, which is guaranteed to get your pulse racing as you whizz down the slopes of the Twist in a jungle completely smashed up by the passage of King Kong in spinning carriages). Zoological presentations (elephants from Asia, giraffes, lions, tigers, hippos, chimps, gibbons, bears, wolves, African wild dogs, ostriches, etc.) are linked up with several animal shows (starring seals, birds of prey and parrots) and 8 animal feeding sessions.



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Other family outings

And there are other extremely interesting attractions in the Allier. Paléopolis in Gannat has 1500 square metres of space dedicated to a captivating discovery of life on earth and paleontology. Visitors will find more than three and a half billion years of evolution in the different areas devoted to all the major periods. Meanwhile, 'Wolframines' in Echassières near the superb Les Colettes Forest (‘forêt des Colettes') helps everyone to understand the mysteries of the mineral world. An audiovisual show allows spectators to discover the incredible variety of a section of the earth below and the exhibition halls display a wonderful collection of beautifully shaped and coloured minerals.
Finally, the Préhistorama museum in Châtelperron, located on the prehistoric site (Castelperronien) of Châtelperron, retraces the life of the men and women who lived in the ‘Grotte des fées' (Fairies' Cave), 33,000 years ago. Stenographic reconstitutions, educational films and displays of prehistoric objects really bring this period alive for the visitors.


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