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The Auvergne's natural heritage with Christian Bouchardy

As a recognised author, naturalist and staunch defender of wild flora and fauna, Christian Bouchardy is more familiar than anyone with the Auvergne's natural environment and is pleased to present his Auvergne: a refuge for rare animal species and well preserved landscapes. Let's discover these wonderful areas, perfect for a nature trip, in the area’s regional parks and nature reserves.

Christian Bouchardy - Nature author and TV presenter
Christian Bouchardy - Nature author and TV ...

A well preserved natural environment:

Setting the stage for the region's future development:

"Protecting landscapes against harm which can be occasionally related to modernisation is always a good investment. The Auvergne's leading asset is its natural environment. The sheer authenticity of this outstanding natural setting is what makes us special! Here, biodiversity and sustainable development are more than just passing fads".


Wild, unspoiled fauna and flora

"The Auvergne is fortunate to have so many superbly preserved natural sites. The foundations upon which this outstanding natural environment is built today remain intact. These are the ecosystems linking countless animals unique of their kind in France, including birds, mammals and insects. And we are constantly discovering more!


Auvergne's volcanic landscapes
Auvergne's volcanic landscapes

The local flora also deserves a special mention. The huge forests, the bocage (typical “hedgerow country”), and the peat bogs are packed with green treasures, such as the Auvergne’s lichens which are found virtually nowhere else. The variety of natural settings ensures that visitors can discover both mountain and typically Southern plants, flowers and trees... an endless source of fascination for nature lovers!


Natural lakes such as Le Pavin are symbols of the Auvergne’s volcanic past. The Auvergne Volcanoes and Livradois-Forez regional nature parks provide a chance to present our natural heritage to best effect".

Christian Bouchardy

Author, Naturalist and TV presenter


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