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Auvergne Spa Towns Trail: wellness and heritage

Enjoy a holiday in one of the 10 Auvergne spa towns along the Massif Central Spa Trail. Each one offers wellbeing activities and health treatments as well as unique cultural heritage and entertainment. Discover one of these spa towns during a week-long holiday package, a day at the spa, or an afternoon of sightseeing.

Wellness in the Volcanoes

Just outside Clermont-Ferrand, Royat-Chamalières is home to the Royatonic recreational spa, with more than 2400 m2 dedicated to well-being: indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, hammams, and a beauty institute. Guests of the 5-star Princesse Flore Hotel have direct access to the centre.


In the heart of the Combrailles area, the village of Châteauneuf-les-Bains is a perfect spa town for nature lovers. The thermal centre, specialized in rheumatology, is tucked along the Sioule River, an area perfect for hikes, fishing and kayaking. There are several charming bed and breakfasts and rental cottages in the area to truly get back to nature.


The town of Châtel Guyon is located just 30 minutes from Clermont-Ferrand. Discover the Belle Epoque styled hotels, take in a treatment at the spa, enjoy a stroll among the sources and gardens of the Thermal Park, and then head to the recently renovated theatre or the adjacent casino for a wide variety of entertainment.


La Bourboule is a lively spa town in the Sancy Mountains along the banks of the Dordogne. The Neo-Byzantine style baths offer a wide variety of spa treatments. Relax in the gardens or enjoy a ride in Fenestre Park, then finish the day with shopping and a stop in a bistro along the tree-lined boulevard.


Just minutes from La Bourboule, Le Mont-Dore lies at the foot of the Puy de Sancy, the highest point of the Massif Central. A ski resort in the winter and a hiker’s paradise in summer, the spa town has a large selection of accommodation options. The thermal baths are worth a visit, boasting painted ceilings, stained glass, impressive columns and vestiges of ancient Roman baths.


Saint-Nectaire is famous for its 12th century Romanesque church, for the cheese named after the town, but also for its water. The therapeutic properties of the hot and cold springs of Saint-Nectaire were known by the Romans. The Thermadore aqua-recreational centre offers treatments and activities for the whole family.



Caleden in Cantal

In the Cantal, the hot springs of the spa town of Chaudes-Aigues are Europe’s hottest, at 82°C. The Caleden Spa center blends into the natural surroundings of the picturesque village and offers health stays and spa treatments. Be sure to try the thermoludic pools with waterfalls, jets, geysers, a musical bath and more for a day of fun and relaxation.


Wellbeing in the Allier

Bourbon l’Archambault in the Allier derives its name from Borvo, the Gallo-Roman healing deity. Its 13th century fortress was once the home of the Lords Archambault, who later became the Dukes of Bourbon. The thermal baths of the town were famous during their reign, and today the bright Art Nouveau thermal centre offers diverse spa treatments.


Just 8 km from Montluçon, Néris-les-Bains flourished during the 1st century, with temples, villas and Roman baths. The spa town remained famous throughout history, and a golden age in the 19th century brought a casino and a theatre. Today, the thermal baths propose health stays and the recently renovated Spa Nériades offers beauty treatments and boasts indoor and outdoor heated baths.



Vichy is perhaps the most famous of Auvergne’s spa towns. Transformed into a world class spa resort by Napoleon III, Vichy has continued the tradition with the Vichy Spa les Célestins and the adjoining 5-star hotel. The town is brimming with architectural gems to be discovered in the Thermal Park. Take a stroll through the Napoleon parks, along the banks of the Allier, or in town to take advantage of the shops, open 7 days a week.


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