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"Red pearls" of the Velay
"Red pearls" of the Velay

The Haute-Loire, at the heart of nature and ecotourism

Volcanic, untamed, unspoilt, the Haute-Loire is a reflection of its natural heritage: grandiose and fragile. The Loire and Allier rivers and the volcanic activity have sculpted unforgettable landscapes, dotted with lava domes, waterfalls, gorges, etc. Over the centuries mankind have been inspired by nature to build ever more spectacular monuments giving the Haute-Loire its uniquely captivating and natural aspect!

Here more than anywhere, ecotourism came naturally

The architectural heritage bears witness to mankind's achievements: the first castles of the Loire, the UNESCO world heritage listed Cathedral in le Puy en Velay, the Auvergne region's Romanesque art, and much more. And nature is just as spectacular here: the ravine of Corboeuf, volcanic vestiges of all shapes and sizes, and breathtaking countryside reaching out as far as the eye can see. Therefore the Haute-Loire is an incredible setting for outdoor activities that take on all their meaning here: discovering nature in order to love it and protect it more.


Sample the products of Haute-Loire

Ecotourism is also about preferring quality authentic local produce. The Haute-Loire is home to a great many small-scale producers who work according to organic agricultural methods: jams, bread, vegetables, cold meats, fruit juices, cheeses and summer berries sold directly from the farm are a treat for the taste buds. What could be better than lazing in the sun with a picnic basket bursting with delicious local produce at the ready... all that in a beautiful unspoilt setting?


"Eco-gîte" la Redonde
"Eco-gîte" la Redonde

An eco-friendly stay in the heart of France

By becoming an ecotourist, you are leaving the beaten track to find an alternative to traditional tourism. By preserving the nature and heritage of your holiday destination you are contributing to its sustainable development.

With this in mind, our Nattitude accommodation offers the key aspects of quality and a pure natural environment.

In the region, people who are committed to a sustainable and participative approach will open their doors to you. So hostels, farmers, B&Bs, hotels, and activity organisers contributing to ecotourism have been selected to guarantee you a very special, eco-responsible holiday like no other. Behind each selected structure are men and women who are committed to environmental respect and to the sustainable development of their region.


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