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The MuPop music museum in Montluçon

Compose your own soundtrack while discovering the sounds and images of the pop music collection at MuPop! This unique museum in Montluçon houses more than 3500 instruments and musical items, dating from the 18th century up to today.

MuPop's collections
MuPop's collections

An unrivalled musical collection

The instruments in MuPop’s collection include 80 wheel fiddles, 200 bagpipes, 210 electric guitars, 140 amplifiers, 30 drum sets, 80 brass instruments and 36 accordions. Visitors can also discover posters and advertisements, record covers, photographs, costumes and recording equipment. Also on display are phonographs, turntables and other sound systems.


Three trails to discover the MuPop museum

The museum provides a unique listening experience. Visitors have individual headsets, to compose their own musical program while visiting the three different display areas that make up the museum:


Instrumental trail: learn more about the instruments on display in MuPop with films about their history, use and fabrication.

Musical trail: discover objects and sounds from the different musical movements of France. From traditional, rural music passing through brass bands, pop music and the iconic music of the 80s.

Digital trail: this interactive area highlights new sound technology with reactables, collaborative electro-acoustic instruments that can be played by placing blocks on a round translucent table.


Temporary exhibitions round out the visit presenting different genres of music or new museum acquisitions.


Exhibition - music in pictures

This year, MuPop invites visitors to discover the hidden treasures of the museum's reserves with collections of graphic arts.

The collection centres on prints, posters and record covers, but also includes paintings, postcards, photographs, drawings, illustrated partitions and even music videos. The exhibition explores the representations of instruments and music spaces, brand image, popular images and tourism, festivals, and pop culture.


MuPop in Montluçon
MuPop in Montluçon

The blending of traditional and contemporary

Two private mansions in the heart of the medieval city centre house the MuPop museum, which were renovated in a way to both preserve the original architecture and add modern features such as the bronze structure enveloping the entrance. Perched above the town, the museum offers panoramic views of Montluçon.



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