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Saint-Pourçain vineyards
Saint-Pourçain vineyards

Auvergne food, local traditional Bourbonnais gastronomy

Bourbonnais gastronomy has something of both the peasant and the bourgeois, like a reflection of the history of the province. Thanks to the quality of the local produce and the talent of inventive chefs, the many welcoming local inns and hostels serve exquisite Auvergne food. The region's gastronomy is a delicious mixture of tradition and modernity. Just a few examples of auvergne food are the famous potato pie, tender Charolaise beef and excellent Saint-Pourçain wines.
Charroux mustard
Charroux mustard

Peasant, because the Allier is a land of cattle breeding and craftsmanship and is full of better or lesser known products but all of an excellent quality: its wide open spaces and its mosaic of little meadows are perfect for breeding all sorts of animals, from cattle to sheep not forgetting ducks for their foie gras.  This preserved territory, worlds away from flighty urban trends, proposes a rustic, traditional gastronomy and the freshest Auvergne food.



Allier's top chefs

Bourgeois, because this quality is accentuated by top chefs. ‘bourbonnais' by birth or by adoption, in classy and welcoming establishments. They have mastered the art of combining culinary tradition with creativity: Jacques Décoret and Antoine Souillat in Vichy, Valérie Saignie in Charroux,  Jacky Morlon in Montluçon, and Francis Chevalliez in Chevagnes, to name but a few chefs dedicated to using the finest Auvergne food there is.


The famous Vichy pastilles
The famous Vichy pastilles
Potato pie, brioche with pork scratchings, and the astonishing delicacies of cockerel testicles and cockerel combs are just some of the specialties of Auvergne food that have made the Allier region's name as a ‘land of indulgence'. The gastronomy offers everything you need to cook up full and balanced meals: poultry and meat, alcohols and alcohol-free drinks, with or without cheese, calorie-rich or low fat, classic or original...

Waters of the Allier

The Allier also abounds in the water element with its three spa towns. The locals are keen to share this asset by transforming these natural resources into reputed sweets, the famous Vichy pastilles, and mineral waters with digestive virtues such as Saint-Yorre and Vichy.


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