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The Velay Area in Auvergne
The Velay Area in Auvergne

Verveine du Velay, emblem of Auvergne gastronomy

The iconic Verveine du Velay has been distilled in the city of Le Puy-en-Velay for more than 150 years. Discover the different varieties of this liquor made with lemon verbena grown in the surrounding area. Visit the distillery or the exhibition space to learn more and taste the finished product (in moderation, of course!).

Verveine du Velay
Verveine du Velay

Lemon verbena grown in the Velay area is used in herbal tea, but also in the liqueurs of Verveine du Velay. Planted in May of each year, the shrub is harvested in late September, before the first frost. It is then dried before being prepared by hand. The numerous other plants, spices and aromas that are added to the lemon verbena remain a part of the secret recipes of the Verveine du Velay.


The different varieties of the liqueur are made from different compositions, distilling methods and aging times. The green variety is strong and fresh and to be served straight from the freezer, while the yellow kind is lighter and finer with a touch of honey. The “Extra” variety is aged with cognac for a mature and well-rounded finished product.


In the restaurants of Le Puy-en-Velay, the Verveine du Velay is often served at the end of the meal as an after dinner drink and sometimes makes an appearance for dessert, in the form of sorbet or ice cream.


Visit the distillery and the exhibition space

In the centre of Le Puy-en-Velay, in a former cinema, discover the “Espaces Pagès”, open year-round, featuring a projection room, exhibitions, tastings and a boutique to learn more about the company and its products. Free admission.

Just 10 minutes outside the city centre is the Pagès Distillery, also open for visits. Open from June to September, find out more about the process behind the Verveine du Velay during a 45 minute tour, followed by a tasting.  Visit the website for opening hours and prices.


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