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Along the Allier River
Along the Allier River

Vichy, Queen of the spa towns in the Allier

Vichy, known as the Queen of spa towns, was a favourite of Napoleon III, during the 'belle époque'. Today, take a stroll through the parks of the town in the streets lined with magnificent old houses, or take in an exquisite canto at the opera. With modern sport facilities, boating activities on the Allier River and a casino, you'll have a busy holiday in Vichy!


You've maybe heard of the famous Vichy checkered fabric or possibily the mint pasilles, but Vichy is most famous for the wuality of its water, highlighted by the numerous spa facilities.

Vichy's Opera
Vichy's Opera

History of Vichy, queen of spa towns

Ever since the end of the 16th Century, people have flocked to Vichy town to enjoy the benefits of its reputed thermal waters, including the Marquess of Sévigné and the daughters of Louis XV. When Napoleon III came for spa treatments in the end of the 19th century, he decided to invest in Vichy, so as to rival the great spas of Europe. His contribution to the infrastructures of the town, including the train, roads, parks and of course the Opera-Casino led to a festival in his honor.
In true Second Empire fashion, Vichy transforms each year for the Napoleon III festival, a not-to-be-missed celebration.


Quality spa facilities

Since the prosperous times from the Second Empire to the Belle Epoque, Vichy has focused on providing quality health and well being services with facilities for all types of treatments: slimming, anti-cellulite, anti-age, spa and thermal cures. The Compagnie de Vichy offers spa holidays in contemporary settings including the 5-star Vichy Spa Les Céléstins.

However, activities in this town are by no means prohibited to health and well-being. Experience other pleasures of tourism in Auvergne: with its green spaces and architectural heritage, Vichy town has a host of cultural and sporting activities to enjoy between treatments.




Health and well-being in the Allier

But Vichy is not the only place to look after yourself! Bourbon-l'Archambaut continues its ancient tradition of health cures in a spa town that has modernised its facilities and range of treatments. And since Roman times Néris-les-Bains has been a place of healing body and mind of the fatigue cause by the aggressive modern world. We cannot ignore either their virtues or their appeal. The spa phenomenon and its developments, a natural asset in the Allier, have an essential role to play in the region.


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