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Vulcania in the Chaine des Puys
Vulcania in the Chaine des Puys

Vulcania, the adventure of the earth

Are you ready for a thrilling adventure into the heart of the volcanoes of Auvergne? Vulcania is an educational theme park dedicated to earth sciences, located in the Chaine des Puys volcano chain and just a few kilometers from the Puy de Dôme. Learn more about the science of volcanoes in a surprising, fun and interactive environment. You’ll need a whole day to discover all the attractions that Vulcania has to offer!

Learn all about volcanoes
Learn all about volcanoes

Vulcania’s main attractions

As you enter the Vulcania, you can’t miss the 38m deep crater, and the emblem of the park, the unique towering golden cone. Underneath your feet are two levels of attractions including 5D films, motion platforms, interactive exhibitions and more. Experience the awakening of the volcanoes of Auvergne, and then ride into the depths of Vulcania or into the core of a volcano!

Outside, don’t miss the geyser and water fun features, not to mention the Volcanbul, a unique way to discover the local landscape in a driverless, satellite controlled vehicle. Then take to the skies in the Balloon des Puys, rising 150m for an exceptional panorama (attraction not included in park entry).

There are also activities and attractions just for kids: the “Cité des Enfants” exploration area, the “Coin des Expériences” for little experimenters, and indoor and outdoor play areas. Round out your visit with shopping or with dining at one of the three takeaway outlets, the cafeteria or the brasserie.


New in 2016 at Vulcania!

Each year new attractions are added to the park: just another reason to discover Vulcania and to come back often!

This summer, explore the underwater depths of the planet's volcanoes with the "Abyss Explorer". Climb aboard a submarine and take a turbulent plunge into the unknown world of underwater volcanoes and "black smokers"!
Also new this year is the film "Tornado Alley". Follow the director Sean Casey and his team of tornado hunters on one of the most ambitious and dangerous scientific documentaries as they try to better understand this phenomenon. Live the exciting adventure on the 415 m² of one of the biggest screens in Europe, and surround yourself with these monsters of nature. A never-before-seen film in France!

Fireworks at Vulcania

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Fireworks at Vulcania

Then, travel back in time to the Jurassic period for the second edition of “In the Footsteps of the Dinosaurs”! Follow the trail around the park to see dinosaurs in their natural environments, and come face to face with a 7m tall stegosaurus or a 5m tall T-Rex.


Summer Evenings

This summer, Vulcania continues its tradition of extending park hours so that visitors can discover the magic of Vulcania by night. With street theatre performers, a dragon parade and other special events, the evening caps off with a 20 minute fireworks show. Visit Vulcania’s website for more details.


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