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The Gour de Tazenat
The Gour de Tazenat

Water, a natural source of well-being

The waters of the Auvergne: a natural source of well-being.

The Auvergne, in the heart of France, is particularly well blessed with an element vital to all of our daily lives: water. The region is awash with natural lakes, wild rivers, ponds and waterfalls. Water in all its forms is to be found wherever you look here. The Auvergne's water is a valuable attraction to help you get the most from your holiday in France.

Lac de La Crégut in Cantal
Lac de La Crégut in Cantal

Water: simply perfect for sports and leisure activities

The Auvergne's lakes and rivers will satisfy visitors’ thirst for watersports. Whether you enjoy swimming, fishing, kayaking, rafting, sailing or waterskiing, the Auvergne has what you need.
Taking part in refreshing, recreational activities is a great way to fully appreciate the sheer size and beauty of the landscapes around you.


A French spa region

The range of available spa activities in the Auvergne is impressive, covering fitness and well-being, spa resorts, Turkish baths and thermoludisme (thermal baths in which you can have fun and unwind).


The Hôtel de Paris spa in Moulins
The Hôtel de Paris spa in Moulins
Playing a central role in the Auvergne's history and culture, the area’s spa resorts have given the region a proud architectural heritage and a strong sense of hospitality. The Auvergne can boast no fewer than 10 traditional and picturesque spa towns, which you can discover during a holiday combining personal well-being with that unique local "art of living".


Enjoy the water of the Auvergne anywhere!

The sheer quality and benefits of the Auvergne's water can also be enjoyed through internationally renowned brands such as Volvic, Vichy Célestins and more.


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