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Le Mont-Dore
Le Mont-Dore

Which resort should you choose?

The diverse landscape and range of activities available make the Auvergne mountains a unique area for winter sports. Because they are completely different, they offer a natural alternative to the increasingly overused classic resorts.
These locations are authentic and lively, and will welcome you for some wonderful winter holidays; but which resort should you choose?

The perfect family destination

Wild black runs, as well as trails suitable for everyone, perfect for family skiing, and at a price well below the dizzying heights of the so-called “classier” resorts... Auvergne... mountain holidays for all to enjoy!


Le Lioran resort

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Le Lioran resort

Le Mont-Dore, Super-Besse and le Lioran:
3 listed resorts

In the Massif du Sancy, Auvergne goes back to basics. Eleven resorts and villages occupy the slopes that spread out around the highest peak, Le Puy de Sancy, which is the highest mountain in the Massif Central at 1,886 m. Le Sancy’s two main resorts are Mont-Dore and Super-Besse.Their skiing areas are connected, comprising 85 km of trails for all levels. Throughout the massif, several hundreds of kilometres of trails are available for all sorts of winter sports. Luge, cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing and dog sledding will ensure you have a great time out in the open air. And there are other activities on offer as well, such as speed riding, a combination of paragliding and skiing that is available at Le Mont-Dore.

If you’re going to ski down a volcano, you may as well make it a big one! Le Puy Mary sits imposingly at an altitude of 1,787 m, above the other mountains, volcanic domes and a glacial valley. And in the middle of this natural setting, the resort of Le Lioran nestles among the pine trees. There, you can enjoy a whole range of winter sports and other activities. This Cantal resort has created a protected slalom course which has a fun run-timing mechanism. Another new feature not to be missed in the surrounding woodlands is the new 400 m Alpine rail luge.


Chastreix - Sancy

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Chastreix - Sancy

A village atmosphere; more simple but all the more peaceful!

If you prefer smaller and more family-friendly resorts, Chastreix-Sancy provides a friendly and peaceful atmosphere in keeping with villages in preserved areas that combines the pleasure of winter sports with that of the wilderness.

The Massif du Mézenc and the resort of Les Estables, in the Haute-Loire, is a life-size piece of happiness where you can enjoy Nordic skiing, dog sledding and Alpine skiing.
On the mountainsides of Le Forez, Prabouré is a small winter sports resort where you and your family can discover all the pleasures of winter sports: cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing, snowshoeing and luge.
La Montagne bourbonnaise, in the Allier, has some well-hidden and quiet skiing areas for you to come and enjoy the simple pleasures of the countryside.


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