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White water sports in the Auvergne with Hervé Pichon

With its leafy green landscapes and its waterways of an exceptional purity, the Auvergne is the perfect place to enjoy rafting, canoeing, kayaking and other white water sports.
Hervé Pichon is a white water service provider for the Allier, the only waterway practicable during the summer. He tells us more about the very special approach adopted for these leisure activities in the Auvergne, combining sports activities with a chance to explore the area’s natural heritage.

Hervé Pichon - White water sports instructor
Hervé Pichon - White water sports instructor

Fun and discovery

Rafting and canoeing are both sports to be enjoyed in a well preserved and protected natural environment. The area isn't packed with people, which means that you can really enjoy a great getaway, as you get back to nature. You can even spot an otter or two if you're lucky! Your surroundings are constantly changing, as you move from a basalt setting to a forest environment in just a few oar strokes.
Enjoy a journey suitable for all. One that can be enjoyed as a family, particularly during the August holidays.
The sheer clarity and cleanliness of the Auvergne's rivers is nothing short of amazing, and a great attraction for visitors. What's more, whenever rafting, canoeing or kayaking enthusiasts visit the Auvergne, they always come back!"


Rafting in the Allier Gorges
Rafting in the Allier Gorges

Rafting: one of the Auvergne's highlights

"Whenever I go rafting down the Allier, I always discover something new. Rafting has gradually taken on a greener and more natural aspect. Today, the goal of this exciting activity tends to lie more in discovering the landscape.
Rafting holidays in the Auvergne tend to be more ‘tourist-friendly’ than in other regions. The activity is more intelligently managed, with great care being taken to avoid overloading the rivers with vessels.
This activity can also be far more "sporty" according to the waterway or the areas you choose, with the rivers becoming a huge playground packed with fun. Rafting is above all about pleasure!


Canyoning is another very popular activity. In the Auvergne, canoeing enthusiasts often stay for a whole week."

Hervé Pichon

White water sports instructor

and manager of the company Sportival 43

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