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The Massif du Mézenc

We invite you to discover the pure source of the Loire up in the Auvergne's Mézenc hills, on Mont Gerbier de Jonc. As part of the Monts d'Ardèche  (Ardèche Hills) regional nature park, visitors to the area can admire the impressive view running from the Alps to the volcanoes of the Auvergne, from the Cévennes to the Plomb du Cantal and from the Sancy area to the Forez range. The area is an ecological paradise ideal for hikes and trips of all kinds. Here, nature is synonymous with adventure as the "Chemin de Stevenson" (the route of the hike undertaken by the famous writer and adventurer) is located here. This natural area is a great place to visit for holidaymakers and adventure lovers at any time of year.

Snowshoeing in Le Mézenc
Snowshoeing in Le Mézenc

Wintertime in the Mézenc

In the magical setting of the white forests you can enjoy some high-quality icy fun in the wintertime, including dogsledding and snowshoeing. What better combination for a holiday you'll never forget!
The resort of Le Mézenc warmly welcomes snow sports enthusiasts, offering Alpine skiing in Les Estables (8 slopes), cross-country skiing (50 km or 31 miles of marked-out slopes), walks with sled dogs surrounded by some breathtaking scenery (around Le Rocher Tourte), snowshoeing (3 marked-out trails) and snowkiting. Each winter, the resort hosts a number of exciting events, including dogsledding races, marathons and the veillade du Mézenc (a night-time snowshoe hike). Its high altitude ensures excellent snow coverage from December to March.


Discover the landscapes and heritage of the Mézenc

As the perfect location for hiking, the Mézenc range offers an unrivalled network of both minor and major hiking routes to be explored on foot, on horseback, by mountain bike, with a guide or on a "go as you please" basis.


Hiking with donkeys in the Mézenc
Hiking with donkeys in the Mézenc

In summer, take time out to admire the marvellous volcanic lakes, the gushing waterfalls, the huge farms with their flagstone or thatched roofs, the Romanesque-style churches, the first of the Loire chateaux and a rich local heritage which has lost none of its authenticity.

The area's small picturesque villages welcome you with their architecture, their regional products and their respective history, including the "Chemin de Stevenson" (the Stevenson Trail), opened by the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson in 1878.

A highly original way to discover the Mézenc area and the Loire Sauvage.


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