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La Bourboule

Comprising a tourist resort covered by the "Famille Plus Nature" (Family + Nature) quality label and a convention centre, La Bourboule is a spa town built along the banks of the Dordogne river at an altitude of 850 m (2,788 ft) in the Auvergne, in central France. A small town with a distinctive Belle Epoque charm, nestling in an attractive leafy green setting, it offers visitors numerous tourist trails and hiking routes just a few minutes away from its lively town centre.

La Bourboule
La Bourboule

A town built on water

Benefiting from its outstanding air and environmental quality, La Bourboule is a town built on water in more ways than one. It could even be described as the definitive spa town as its name is derived from that of Borvo, the Celtic god of spring water.


The nascent river Dordogne (the source of which lies in the Massif du Sancy) crosses the town from one side to the other. The town itself has been built on both banks of the river, which can be crossed by 12 bridges from where visitors can admire this peaceful setting. The town's thermal springs have contributed a great deal to the reputation and growth of La Bourboule, thanks to the spa and fitness industry which has developed here.


Welcome to the pleasuredome…

As an excellent "base camp" from which to explore the outstanding landscapes of the Auvergne, La Bourboule is a spa town founded in the 19th century to exploit the benefits of its thermal springs. Built during the same period along the banks of the Dordogne, Les Grands Thermes (the great spas) are immediately visible thanks to their neo-Byzantine domes, bringing an eastern touch to this attractive corner of the Auvergne.


La Bourboule: a town synonymous with water
La Bourboule: a town synonymous with water

Open to all, the range of services here includes a choice between a "spa discovery morning" (4 treatments) or a more comprehensive five-day package. A special area devoted to personal well-being includes a Turkish bath, whirlpool bath, jet shower cabins, whirlpool cabins and massages.


A number of hotels and hotel complexes also offer health and fitness services. A health and well-being centre (with Turkish bath, whirlpool bath and cross-trainers) and fitness club (with sauna, spa, whirlpool bath and weight training) are also available to help you get the most from your stay.


For children

La Bourboule has added a range of infrastructure (with cable car access to the Charlannes site), leisure facilities (the Fenestre Park) and events aimed at children and teenagers. Among these we should mention the “Plein la Bobine” cinema festival where younger visitors can take part in cinema-themed workshops.


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