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The Montagne bourbonnaise

In the Montagne Bourbonnaise, you can discover a heritage which has been passed down through the centuries, combined with the skills and know-how of the local craftsmen who will be pleased to welcome you after a relaxing hike or a spot of fishing in between visiting the area's castles and Romanesque buildings.


What to see in the area

As a highland area, since the Middle Ages the Montagne Bourbonnaise in the Auvergne has naturally been used as a lookout and defensive position, commanding an impressive view across the Besbre valley and that of the Loire.
During a walk through the forests, you will undoubtedly come across the ruins of numerous ancient castles, but you can also visit well preserved heritage sites, including a number of castles which are still inhabited today.


You can admire the wide variety of religious sites in the area, ranging from the majestic Clunisian church of Châtel-Montagne, a masterpiece of auvergnat Romanesque art, to the numerous converted medieval churches or those rebuilt in the 19th century.


During your visit to the Montagne Bourbonnaise, take advantage of the long tradition of hospitality and know-how to be found in the area's numerous craftsmen's workshops. Glassblowers, saddlers or doll restorers all invite you to discover their talents in the craftsmen’s and artists’ village of Châtel-Montagne.


Luge with the family at the Loge des Gardes
Luge with the family at the Loge des Gardes

Activities in the mountains of the Bourbonnais

The tourist activities available here are often open-air activities, including hiking, horseback trekking, mountain biking, archery or skiing at the Loge des Gardes resort which offers downhill skiing and two cross-country skiing areas (Montoncel and La Verrerie). The area is also ideal for quad biking, canoeing, windsurfing, rowing, tree climbing and grass skiing or similar sports.
And between these exciting activities, why not enjoy a welcome break in a charming country inn or an authentic restaurant where you can sample some of the region's specialities, which make extensive use of bilberries.


When organising your stay in the Montagne Bourbonnaise, you have a huge choice of accommodation, from hotels to rural gîtes, not forgetting campsites, bed and breakfast providers or even rustic caravans.


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