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Lavaudieu, a haven of peace among the Auvergne villages

A haven of peace among the Auvergne villages and ideal for those who love Romanesque architecture. Discover the well-preserved abbey and cloister along the Senouire River in Haute-Loire.

Lavaudieu, à "Most Beautiful Village"
Lavaudieu, à "Most Beautiful Village"

In its well-preserved natural setting, the Valley of God (Lavaudieu) is a marvellous small mediaeval Auvergne village. It is built around its 11th century Benedictine abbey and bathed by the clear waters of the Sénouire, which is crossed by an ancient stone bridge.

The village’s cloister (the only one in the Auvergne to have survived) features a number of elegant columns supporting the Romanesque arches, carved capitals and an oak wood gallery. The Abbey Church of St André is home to a nave dating from the 11th and 12th centuries in addition to 14th century frescoes. This makes it one of the oldest Auvergne villages to have survived …


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The Church of Saint-André whose octagonal spire was lopped short during the Revolution, the Romanesque cloister, the Museum of Art and popular traditions, and the Carrefour du vitrail (a master glass-maker and craftsman). Lavaudieu is an example Auvergne village located on  the banks of the Senouire.

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