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Aurillac and its local area

From the Cantal hills to the Lot valley, crossed by a wild river (the Jordanne), the area around Aurillac is known for its festive events, a celebration of the better things in life symbolised by its delicious authentic local products and a stress free lifestyle, all factors contributing to a happy, lively and amusing holiday as a family or among friends.
Treat yourself to stay in the Aurillac area, where you can enjoy balneotherapy, hiking, mountain biking or environmentally friendly nature-themed activities, in addition to all the excitement of the international street theatre festival!

The International Street Theatre Festival
The International Street Theatre Festival

An area filled with festivities

Here, showmanship and festivities have become well rooted traditions. Since 1986, each year the town has hosted the International Street Theatre Festival. Artists of all kinds and from all backgrounds head here and mingle with visitors and their families as they transform Aurillac into the international street arts capital. What's more, the diversity of nature-themed activities, the area’s cultural vibrancy and the sheer enthusiasm of the activity organisers have led to the creation of a wealth of leisure activities to be enjoyed all year round.


What to see in and around Aurillac

Along the winding roads of the valleys, including the castles, springs and houses of the Cantal area, a very special and friendly local know-how has been developed over time, which you can discover in the region's legendary local cuisine, its cheese and cooked meat products and in its restaurants, where you can enjoy a relaxing and hearty meal. The "Goudots Gourmands" competition offers a further opportunity to discover high-quality cuisine!


Hike in the Jordanne Gorges near Aurillac
Hike in the Jordanne Gorges near Aurillac

There’s lots to see and do all day long in Aurillac and its local area. And after all that sport or activity out in the open air, why not enjoy the local attractions?
How about a visit to the volcano museum? Or a balneotherapy session?
Perhaps a visit to a recreational water park as a family or among friends?
Or what about a peaceful walk to admire the contrasting shades of the private buildings and centuries-old houses or the multiple shades of green to be found out on the grasslands, including a visit to the area's farms?
Since June 2007, Aurillac is proud to have obtained the "Famille Plus" (Family Plus) quality label.
So come along and enjoy a range of activities specially adapted for children, or organised for young and old alike.
The Aurillac area offers all the richness and diversity you need for a great holiday.



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