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The Bourbon Triangle

From Moulins to Lurcy-Lévis taking in Bourbon-l'Archambault, Saint-Menoux and Souvigny along the way, the "Bourbon Triangle" bears the mark of the family who would one day go on to become the kings of France. In this area characterised by a cheerful mixture of traditional know-how with a happy, distinctive lifestyle, and boasting an impressive local heritage, visitors can discover a wide range of natural attractions including the Val d’Allier or the Tronçais Forest and a wealth of castles and chateaux built throughout the centuries.

Anne-de-Beaujeu museum in Moulins
Anne-de-Beaujeu museum in Moulins

City break in Moulins

Moulins, the capital of the Dukes of Bourbon, looks forward to welcoming you to its cathedral, of which the "Master of Moulins Triptych" is a source of great pride. The museums of the Visitation and Anne-de-Beaujeu, or the Illustration and Theatre Costume centres are guaranteed to be a source of fascination to visitors, as will the Maison Mantin.

The National Theatre Costume Centre (Centre national du costume de scène) has a growing reputation and includes a collection of approximately 9,000 costumes. Superbly displayed exhibitions are held throughout the year.


Cultural and outdoor activities

Next, why not head for the mediaeval fortress of Bourbon-l’Archambault and discover life in the area’s castles (Saint-Augustin, Avrilly or Riau, etc). Romanesque churches (Saint-Menoux and its "débredinoire" sarcophagus, Yzeure or Lurcy-Lévis) are to be found scattered throughout the bourbonnais landscape comprised of fields and hedgerows. Simply brimming with vitality, this area is always keen to help you discover its dynamic artistic scene and its know-how, including stained glass, ceramics, earthenware, ironwork or woodcarvings, all traditions characterised by their vitality and modernity.

Val d'Allier nature reserve
Val d'Allier nature reserve
This journey will also give you a chance to discover the Allier, one of Europe's last wild rivers, and take you across the Val d’Allier, a listed nature reserve with its pure white water brimming with fish, where you can admire more than 600 varieties of plants and 200 types of fungus


Fishing and hiking are just two of the many activities to be enjoyed in this modestly sized region in which walking is particularly easy. The area is also a paradise for cycle tourists who appreciate its rounded vales, parks and gardens (including the Balaine arboretum) and attractive places to stop off, providing a chance to visit religious buildings such as the priory church of Souvigny for an interesting yet relaxing break.


A relaxing holiday

For a holiday synonymous with well-being, we recommend a series of "anti-stress" sessions at Bourbon-l’Archambault, a spa town whose spa centre (with its remarkable exotic earthenware features) is listed as a historical monument.


Gastronomy hasn't been forgotten either. Accompanied by a delicious Saint Pourçain wine, why not sample the area's mouth-watering charolaise meat, or its locally produced lamb, turkey and chicken, imaginatively prepared by chefs who attach a great deal of importance to traditional rustic tastes and a friendly and festive welcome.
Authenticity is to be found everywhere here, and particularly at the meal table. One of our specialities is known as "Palets d’Or" (gold discs), in tribute to the richness of the local cuisine, to be enjoyed to the full… just like the region itself!



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