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The Chataigneraie area of the Cantal

In the Auvergne, in the south-west of the Cantal area, the "châtaigneraies" (chestnut groves) have been carefully preserved over the centuries. The contrasting landscapes characterised by the strength and majesty of the Auvergne's volcanoes and the peaceful setting of the Lot valley, are combined with a remarkable Romanesque architectural heritage. As you explore these mediaeval towns and villages, don't forget to visit their traditional festivals organised throughout the year.


The festive villages of the Châtaigneraie

The Cantal’s Châtaigneraie area is a modestly sized natural environment including festive, family-friendly activities (whether relaxing or sports focused), organised in mediaeval Romanesque villages.

These lively and exciting villages include Marcolès, Montsalvy, Maurs-la-Jolie and Laroquebrou.

Each summer, you are warmly invited to the "Nuits de Marcolès" and to the "Lez-Arts de la rue" performing street arts festival.

In the 13th century streets of Montsalvy, which overlooks the Châtaigneraie area, come along and take part in the "basket festival". In Laroquebrou, you will probably be astonished to encounter Boogie Woogie enthusiasts near its 13th century castle.And how about celebrating the humble chestnut in all its glory over in Mourjou?
And why not pay a visit to the nut festival in Sénezergues, or the national mushroom festival in Prunet?


The area’s countless friendly local events provide a treat for your taste buds, and are centred on mouth-watering local products including truffades, sausages, Salers beef, chestnut liqueur and the inimitable Cantal farm-produced cheese.


Lac de Saint-Etienne-Cantalès
Lac de Saint-Etienne-Cantalès

Paradise for watersports

The Auvergne’s pure, invigorating water often has its sources and springs right here in the region. Holidays here are a real pleasure, including bathing in the region's clear water or enjoying a variety of water sports. In the Châtaigneraie area you can stop off at the lakes of Saint-Etienne-Cantalès (563 hectares - 1,391 acres) or Enchanet (410 hectares - 1,013 acres). For its part, Vieillevie boasts a canoeing and kayaking centre. Enjoy healthy, fun activities as a family in a bracing and uplifting environment and discover all the ingredients needed to guarantee a successful holiday in the Châtaigneraie region of the Cantal.



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