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The Vichy basin

Vichy is a town in the countryside with facilities tailored to this natural environment to ensure that those seeking a welcome dose of nature and healthy leisure activities always find what they're looking for.
History and architecture lovers can admire the pomp and splendour of the Second Empire and explore the traces of the Belle Époque. Entertainment aficionados will enjoy the casino and the two seasons devoted to opera, dance, theatre and music.

Things to do and see

In Vichy and its wider tourist area, we invite you to discover just how natural and luxurious a relaxing stay as a family or couple can be, regardless of your age or your interests.

An impressive selection of activities is proposed for those looking to work out, to recharge their batteries, to unwind, to have fun… or all of these at the same time!


The Allier Lake
The Allier Lake
-     Water skiing and boating on the Allier lake

-     Canoeing trips
-     Hiking or mountain biking trails
-     Health and well-being themed stays
-     The migratory fish observatory
-     Your maiden flight in a hot air balloon
-     Horse riding
-     Visits to the castles of Billy and Busset


Outings and events

The area’s cultural season with the Cour du Soir festivals in Cusset, the Jeudis de Vichy, the impressive programme at the opera, the Napoleon III Festival, the horseracing season at the Vichy-Auvergne race track and a large number of sporting events, including the Vichy Ironman competition.

This diverse range of activities is facilitated by a town offering easy access. A green and leafy town, with no fewer than 140 hectares (346 acres) of parkland and a huge lake.


Vichy is neither too large nor too small, with the Palais des Congrès (Conference Centre) situated within easy reach of the town centre and the hotels, the parks and the sporting or spa facilities. You can enjoy a pleasant walk here.
The Vichy Opera
The Vichy Opera
This modest size coupled with the focus on the quality of life ensure you can fully appreciate a rich and unusual architectural heritage encompassing all kinds of leisure facilities including the Opera, the Hall of Springs, the Napoleon III chalets, the Célestins spring and the Aletti hotel, etc.


Wellbeing in and around Vichy

A spa town synonymous with well-being in all its forms, Vichy is the perfect place to relax and get back into shape.  Vichy revitalises both body and mind!
The Vichy Célestins Spa and the Centre Thermal des Dômes (Dômes Spa Centre) offer you a healthy stay based on the active thermal waters rich in mineral salts and trace elements. Those seeking purity and vitality will certainly not be disappointed.
And who can blame you for rounding off your visit to one of France's finest spa towns with a tour of the town's shopping areas.

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