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The Young Loire area and its streams and rivers

In the Young Loire area you can share all the fun of discovering a pure natural environment including the gorges of the Loire Sauvage and its refreshing rivers and streams, in addition to the mountainous countryside from Le Puy-en-Velay to Saint-Etienne. Submerge yourself in the excellent way of life to be enjoyed here, including exceptional hospitality, rare products and eateries serving tasty dishes. Finally, visit the area’s vast architectural heritage and see the first chateaux of the Loire during a stay guaranteed to recharge your batteries.

Enjoy the waters of the Loire area
Enjoy the waters of the Loire area

Activities in the Young Loire area

Those seeking purity and an opportunity to relax won't be disappointed here, in an area in which northern and southern France marvellously combine at low altitudes or in the highlands. In this idyllic leafy setting, you can enjoy all kinds of activities in the pure, healthy air including fun-filled trips as a family accompanied by a sled dog in wintertime, with dog hiking or dog scootering. And that's not all:
- Visitors committed to environmentally friendly mobility can combine the tourist train and hiking.
- Make your way down Europe's last wild river (the Loire) by canoe-kayak.
- Mountain golf and putting course: a unique version of this sport available in France... wonderful fun for both young and old alike!
- Mountain biking, bathing, assault courses in the forests, hot air balloon flights and also fishing await you as the trout appreciate the cool waters of the Loire just as much as you do!
A choice of activities for great, nature-themed holidays during a delightful spring and autumn break.


Quality local products and dining

Would you like to stop off and sample what we refer to as the "good life" (le bon vivre)?
In this high altitude area with its temperate climate, we produce outstanding produce with distinctive tastes.
This commitment to know-how, good food and healthy eating is a state of mind here. You are now in the kingdom of the Perle Rouge des Monts du Velay (red fruit), and of "terroir" products offering 1001 flavours! A kingdom in which the red fruit are its pearls, the mushrooms its kings and the chefs its ambassadors! At Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, at an altitude of 1,135 m (3,724 ft) you can enjoy some of the finest cuisine in France, where the Marcon Brothers (Régis and Jacques) have a restaurant with a three-star Michelin rating. A second gourmet restaurant, the Restaurant Chatelard (a bistro producing delicious local dishes) also awaits you.


The mediaeval castle of Rochebaron
The mediaeval castle of Rochebaron

Visit the area's castles

History lovers can visit the first castles of the Loire here. These may feature a Cathar style with the Artias and Rochebaron sites or may be more regal, with the residence of the Bishops of Puy-en-Velay in Monistrol-sur-Loire or the stately chateau in Aurec-sur-Loire. To this should be added the area’s unusual industrial heritage with outstanding sites such as the Musée des Manufactures de Dentelles (the lace maker’s museum – a Musée de France), the Vallée des Forges site (Forge Valley) and a chance to discover the world of weaving or braided fabrics.

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